Specialists in property law and European immigration

Property Law :

  • Do you have a dispute with your neighbour over an easement (right of light, right of way, etc) or extent of your demise?
  • Are you looking to buy a property in France and need legal advice prior to proceeding?
  • Are you in dispute with your landlord/ tenant?
  • Would you be agreeable to considering mediation as a possible solution with a tailor-made approach based on the requirements/needs of both parties?
  • Do you need to understand a Tenancy Agreement, Buyer’s contract, or any other legal document you have been given in English?
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We act for clients in Vitré, Rennes, Brittany and throughout France

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European immigration:

  • Do you need assistance with recognition of your professional qualification in France?
  • Do you need a French visa (professional or family)?
  • Do you need assistance with the preparation of French nationality application, or in the case of a refusal, do you require advice as to what options are available to you?

Corinne Tuplin (LLB, LPC):

  • Corinne Tuplin registered as a solicitor of England and Wales in 2004 and ran a successful law firm in London.
  • In 2013, her practice took on a French and European perspective upon registration at the Bar of Rennes in France.
  • Pro-Leagle, an internet law firm, is able to assist with legal advice, proceedings, legal translation and mediation.
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